[…] Due to the construction of the Berlin Wall and the associated closure of the Potsdamer Platz station, traffic on the elevated railway line fell sharply. Since there was a parallel connection between Nollendorfplatz and Gleisdreieck with line 1 via Kurfürstenstraße station 230 m to the north, the BVG stopped traffic via Bülowstraße station completely in 1972. Shops were installed in the elevated station and decommissioned subway cars were set up, which were used as a Turkish bazaar from 1978 to 1991. In June 1991, the shops were dismantled and the old subway cars were taken down and scrapped. […]

“U-Bahnhof Bülowstraße.” Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation, 14 July 2022, de.wikipedia.org/wiki/U-Bahnhof_Bülowstraße. | Translation mine.

The public toilets have been removed and cannot be found there anymore.

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