This site uses a large amount of content (images, video, audio, music, graphics, software, date and literary works) that is very different from each other both in form and in terms of copyright.

Regarding copyright, we can divide them into two groups: content created by others and content created by me. Next to each content there are credits, attribution and the type of license with which the use of the content is granted.

1. Content created by others.

These contents belong to others according to a rather varied and complex taxonomy of attribution of copyright.

  • All rights reserved means that the owner of the rights to use the content has granted us permission to do so. If you want to use these materials, you have to get a license from the owners.
  • Creative Commons is a set of licenses that can be modulated according to the author’s will: allowing or not commercial use, the possibility of modifying the work, etc. Check out the license type on the Creative Commons website if you want to use these materials.
  • Public Domain. You can do whatever you want with it.
2. Content created by me.

The original elements of this site, the site as a whole, its structure, and the idea of offering an original tool to accompany the reading of a book are all part of my work.

For images, interactive maps, graphics, text and code created entirely by me, I grant the use according to:

Creative Commons License

“Zoo Station: some footnotes.” by Riccardo Pagani is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

Often these contents are derived from other contents distributed with the wording “Share alike”; in this case, you can find the type of license in the credits.

This website, in its entirety, its structure and the idea of offering a reading tool based on multimedia footnotes, must be considered as “All right reserved

All Rights Reserved

“Zoo Station: some footnotes.” by Riccardo Pagani – Copyright © – All Rights Reserved.

Out of the legal jargon.

I am very grateful to all those people, professionals, companies and institutions who have allowed me to use their work to create this site. I hope they continue to do so and that many more will join so that this project can one day come to an end.
For this reason, I not only grant but also encourage any non-commercial use of my work.

For commercial uses there is not “a priori” foreclosure, but contact me to get into the merits of your specific project.

For non-commercial uses there is no need for requests but send me a message anyway if you like: I am pleased to know that my work is useful to someone. I can also gladly provide you with information or materials that may not have been published.

To this, however, two notes must be added.

  • Use my material but with a little common sense: copying or framing entire pages or parts of this site to other sites is unfair. Remember that hyperlinks are the very principle on which the World Wide Web is based.
  • Please note that the license with which I grant my content is not passed on to those of others. Check the licenses and act accordingly.


The rules for using the site in compliance with copyright can be found in the Terms & Conditions and in the Disclaimer. You can contact us if you have a question about Copyright: