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Request: WordPress developer

By: | February 20th, 2022

Filters by category (custom taxonomy) don't work on custom post type archive Need... more

Request: Buying power of the German Mark in the 70s

By: | February 20th, 2022

I would like to add to this quote a table with the prices of the most common consumer goods to make the value of a salary of 1000 DM/week... more

Request: History of the German drug regulation law.

By: | February 20th, 2022

The book opens with two excerpts, respectively, of the Charge and the Verdict against Christiane “[] The student Christiane Vera F is charged... more

Request: photos of prohibition signs in Gropiusstadt in the 70s

By: | February 20th, 2022

We are looking for pictures to add to this quote Photos of prohibition signs taken in Gropiusstadt in the 1970s All of our best games were... more

Request: D3.js expert for timeline

By: | February 19th, 2022

D3js expert to help to develop the interactive... more