The following is the legal privacy document generated by an online Compliance Service that I have purchased. Before diving into its reading, let me explain its general meaning to you in a humanly understandable form.

  • We collect navigation data with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, i.e. which pages are most visited, how many visitors arrive, what type of browser they use and the like. It is used to improve the site in its form and content.
  • We collect data provided voluntarily by the user. That is when you write an email to one of the addresses indicated on the site or if you wish to receive notifications relating to comments in the posts. It is necessary in order to be able to answer you. We use wpDiscuz for comments and Akismet and reCAPTCHA for anti-spam.

There are no periodic communications of any kind (newsletters, alerts, etc.): if you want to stay updated on the evolution of the site and on the release of new posts, you can do so with the indicated social channels or with the RSS feed.

But now please read on so that the purchase of the Compliance Service was worth it.

Privacy Policy