The site is divided into three sections:

  • Footnotes. The reading order of the book determines the order in which the quotes are arranged. The number on the left is the number of the page. The numbers will likely change if you change the language. Some languages ​​have different editions, so if you don’t manage to find the quote on your book just have a look a page further or a page back. When you click on a quote you get into the related post or “footnote”.
  • Space. The quotes are scattered throughout the map of Germany, each one in the (more or less) precise location where the places mentioned are / were or where the event took place. Clicking on the markers reveals the quote; at the bottom of the quote there is a link that, once again, brings you to the related “footnote”.
  • Time. This section is not yet ready. The chronological order of the events described will be used to organize the quotes.

You can also navigate through the “footnotes” by Tags and Categories. While Tags are self-explanatory, Categories, in this case, indicate the narrative voice of the quote (Christiane, Christiane’s Mother, Police, etc.)

The original text of the book (like many books) is copyrighted. For this reason you will not find the complete version of the book here, but only short and unrelated parts.

Moreover, the purpose of the project is to provide footnotes and not all parts of the book need them. It is meant to be a companion of the book, that is, its complement and not its substitute. So here you can find what in the book is missing; the quotes just provide a link from each footnote to your book.

Because this is still a work in progress. At the moment, we covered only two parts of the book, about 60 pages: the first part narrated by Christiane and the first part narrated by her mother. The entire book will be covered, but it takes time…

Yes, in many ways:

  • The simplest way is through the comments. There you can place not only your comments but also upload images related to the topic and share them.
  • In the section “News” of the website, there are some posts tagged as “Request”. It is a kind of wish list of the things needed at the moment: it could be pictures about a subject, info about some places or events or help to solve some issues in the software development of the website.
  • At the moment there are only three translations of the book to chose. If you can help with other languages, just let us know.
  • If you have a massive collection of images, hi-res pics, videos or bulky media files, send us a message because we cannot handle this kind of upload through comments.
  • Other ideas? Let’s have a chat.

Don’t forget that this book is used extensively as a school read across Germany and, therefore, likely even a young audience will read your comments.

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