Deutschlandhalle was an arena located in the Westend neighbourhood of Berlin, Germany. It was inaugurated on 29 November 1935 by Adolf Hitler. The building was granted landmark status in 1995, but was demolished on 3 December 2011. […]

The building has also been used for musical events: as part of her À travers l’Europe Tour, in 1959 Dalida had a sold out concert in front of audience of 9,500. Ella Fitzgerald performed here in 1960; the concert was recorded as Ella in Berlin. On 4 September 1970, it was the site of Jimi Hendrix’s penultimate performance.
On 30 November 1980, Queen had performed a concert in the Deutschlandhalle. During the solo of Bohemian Rhapsody (song), Brian had accidentally broke his string of a guitar.
The 1981 film Christiane F. shows a performance by David Bowie in the Deutschlandhalle (this scene consists of footage of crowds at an unrelated AC/DC concert in the Deutschlandhalle interspersed with studio scenes featuring Bowie). […]

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