Continuing along the Kurfürstendamm, away from the center, at 156 you reach Lehniner Platz. Here you can see a group of buildings with a particular architectural style and rounded shapes. The main building is the theater of the Schaubühne. In the dead-end street to the left of the Schaubühne was located the entrance of the Treibhaus.

The discotheque opened at the beginning of 1974, but in 1976 was rebuilt and reopened with the name Tolstefanz. Again, in 1983, another nightclub opened in the same place under the name of Far Out.

The name Treibhaus means “greenhouse”, and probably it took this name from the appearance of the entrance, as can be seen in the main picture. This picture has the date 5th October 1976 (one month before what is told in the book’s quote – November 1976) and already shows the name Tolstefanz on the sign, but Christiane and friends evidently still called it by its old name.

Iggy Pop and David Bowie also visited the discotheque:

“[…] We reached our destination. The sidewalk held a scene of dark, ominous bacchanalia. Shadowy toughs stood outside a glass-fronted rock saloon called Das Treibhaus – or, the Hot House. […]” (Chris Hodenfield • Rolling Stone • 4 October 1979)

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